Monday, 25 March 2013


In my pursuit of peace and stability when it comes to my personal style, I've started digging in my archives. Whenever I spot an outfit that appeals to me I save it to my computer for later. Over the years the files have grown quite big and it's great for when I'm stuck in a fashion rut. Last night I took some time to go back to the folders I started first, years ago, to see if my taste had changed much. To my surprise, some of the images I still think about every now and then were found in those very folders. So here's the first in a series called 'forever on my moodboard', because they have inspired me for so many years and I feel like they will keep doing so for many more years.* I know it's bad, but I'd kind of like to copy this outfit entirely, including the details. Such perfection.

ph. credits: Garance Doré
* I'm not sure how I just totally made that bit sound like the speech you give at the anniversary of your wedding but ok. I get a bit sentimental sometimes. And at weird moments, too.

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