Monday, 11 February 2013


I'm back! This past week has been crazy busy, starting with four amazing days in the city of lights (preparing a huge post on my trip as we speak), followed up by two superstressful and long days at work and then two full days of lying in bed with the worst cold ever. This morning I managed to drag myself out of bed and onto the couch and bit by bit I'm catching up with everything that's happened in the fashion world while I was away. Which is SO much!

Obviously, fashion week is in full swing on the other side of the pond and even though I can't be there, I intend to follow everything obsessively, like I always do. Some of my favorite designers have had their shows already and what I've seen so far is pretty amazing. A closer study will be executed after my next bowl of chicken soup. I'll report the results back to you soon!

But before we lose ourselves in all that fashion madness, I leave you with a photograph taken during the haute coutoure fashion week in Paris last month. Isn't this just the most awesome hat (no pun intended) you have ever seen? I don't mean to sound needy but I need one. Really. Can you imagine how much happiness you could spread wearing this? Or is it just me?


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