Wednesday, 10 April 2013



Seems like spring is becoming the main theme of this blog. It's all I can think of these days. I purchased these trousers during the sales in january and I have been itching to wear them. No more black! It's my favorite colour when it comes to clothing, but every year when spring comes around I acke for some colour in my outfits. I'm hoping it won't be long till the weather allows for bare ankles and I can take these babies out for a stroll. I already attempted it last week when we were having a good day, but didn't last longer than ten minutes before I hurried back inside to put on three pairs of socks, making the outfit look rather ridiculous. For now, playing around with them on polyvore will have to do. Also, I wish I owned that crocodile clutch  - doesn't it make the most perfect match?

Trouses - H&M // Shirt - Acne // Clutch - Asos // Sandals - Roger Vivier
All from old collections, although I believe the trousers are still available here and there.


  1. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

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