Sunday, 27 October 2013



Second post in a series called "in my dreams". To my mind, each of the items in this picture is perfection. An LBD that's playful and cute, yet somehow  seems quite timeless (are you sick of that word yet? I'm not!) and sort of classy as well! The weekendbag is exactly what I've always dreamed of (although a suede bag doesn't seem very practical. But then again, none of my objects of desire seem to tick that box) and I can just picture myself standing at the trainstation with it, waiting for a train that'll whisk me away to new and exciting places.. A girl can dream.
Oh and the top? Don't even get me started on that one. If money grew on trees and sold-out items would magically re-appear, that gem would be on its way to my home right now. But then again, a lot of items would be on its way right now. In fact, my home would be overflowing with clothes right now. Money trees being non-existent is probably for the best!

Thursday, 27 June 2013


Here's a post I published on a former blog in september last year. SO much has changed since then and I've been meaning to publish an update, but updating you is kind of silly if you haven't read part one yet. So here it is, out in the open, my life as it was almost one year ago.

I suppose that first of all, I owe you an apology for quitting on you just when it started to get fun. Between three jobs and an attempt to keep my social life going there just wasn't much time left for blogging. Lame excuse, I know. And to be completely honest, there were a few occasions where I had the choice between blogging and beach but somehow whenever that occurs, beach just seems to win it time and time again. I told myself that sometimes, you just need to take a few hours to relax and enjoy the good things in life. Besides, a tan would make my outfits look better so really, spending time on the beach was an investment in the blog. The fact that I'm a ginger and I never ever get a tan seemed like a mere detail in this reasoning.

Somewhere along the way I decided to quit one of my jobs because the things I had to put up with just weren't worth it anymore, and another job was only temporary so a few weeks ago I found myself left with only one job and a boss that won't be bribed into taking me on for more then two days a week. I refused to let this situation ruin my summer so instead of spending my time searching for a new job I just spent the past few weeks skipping from beach towel to dance floor to the hammock in my back yard. Or should I say, my parents backyard. Working two days a week means I can just about cover my rent and pay for a trainticket back to mamas kitchen, filled with the most delicious foods that I can only dream of back at home, where my fridge is worryingly empty. Plus, they live at the coast and as long as they keep living there, they can expect me to keep harassing them every summer.

And then it all changed.

Sunday, 16 June 2013


View from the Palatino
Around this time last year, I spent a few days in Rome with my mama. This year, no trips are planned, so instead I spend my time remeniscing.

Thursday, 30 May 2013


meet me on the sunny road

Starting a brand new series called "in my dreams", here's what I would be wearing today - if the weather were a little better (or a lot), if my bankaccount was a little less empty, if I didn't mind roaming the streets half-naked, if I were lucky enough to actually own a Kelly. In other words, here's what I wish I could wear today.

Top - Haider Ackermann // Jeans - Hussein Chalayan // Flats - Jenny Kayne // Bag - Hermes

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Last sunday, I had the pleasure of seeing the incredibly talented Gregory Porter live. He was the main act at a small - but amazing - jazz festival nearby and it was truly magical.
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