Monday, 21 January 2013


by The Sartorialist

Denim and I have had a bit of a history.
For a long time, to me, denim on denim was just a horrible trend that reminded me of my years in primary school, when wearing jeans with a denim jacket (a.k.a. the denimsuit) was just the coolest thing to do. I had a fabulous denim jacket with glitters and heartshaped pockets on it and donned myself in denimsuits quite often. But, as with most primaryschool trends, there came a turning point. When I passed the big milestone of swapping primary school for high school I told myself I was a grown-up now and grown-ups should never-ever-ever denimsuit up*. Seeing pictures of my dad wearing denim-only outfits during his hippiefase just made me extra determined. 

But then a few years ago denim shirts made their comeback and the trend inevitably resurfaced. I still remember spotting Denni Elias in denim on denim a few years back and secretly thinking it was looked quite cool, but I wasn't really ready to say it out loud just yet. Slowly the idea slid to the back of my mind and I didn't give it much thought anymore. But as it turns out, the concept just needed some time to age, like a bottle of good wine. 

A few years back, denim outfits really didn't suit my style. I was in a fase where I wore skirts and dresses only and would rarely even wear jeans. I was a little bit heavier then I am now and felt that dresses just suited my body shape best. As I started shedding some weight I found myself turning back to jeans. At first I bought a pair of black, highwaisted skinnyjeans. After years of wearing mostly dresses I rejoiced at all of the new styling-possibilities and I found myself back in the stores hunting for a pair of dark blue jeans pretty soon after. In a matter of months, denim had found a place in my wardrobe again.

At the same time, I started my quest for the perfect denim shirt. I always liked the idea but couldn't really find one that suited me. All around me I would see girls wearing faded, oversized shirts but whenever I would try those on it just didn't seem right. And then last spring I spotted one in a slightly darker hue, that was fitted as well! Eureka. I clicked one home straight away and wore it way too much all through summer. When my dad told me he had one just like that when he was my age I didn't even mind. I actually thought it was kind of cool. But I never planned to wear it with blue jeans.

And then yesterday, it just happened. I was standing in my room looking for something to wear with my new blue jeans when all of the sudden my eye fell on my denim shirt. I slipped it on, looked in the mirror and thought "this is it". I suppose streetsyle blogs influence my style more than I thought. Images like the one above are so far apart from the glittery denim jacket that I had as a kid that it made me look at the whole thing very differently. Now I actually think denim on denim totally cool and can be supersexy!

There was a slight moment of hesitation where I wasn't sure the outfit was very flattering but I decided not to overthink it. I grabbed my black ankle boots and a tote and was out of the door before anyone had a chance to tell me I looked silly. As I biked through town I did feel a bit more self-aware than I usually do but then decided that that was just silly and pretty soon I forgot all about my daring** outfit. Later that day I did spot my mom looking me up and down with facial expression somewhere between a dropped jaw and a smile but she didn't say anything, and for once I was wise enough not to ask.


* Please tell me I'm not the only one who is hooked on HIMYM
** Yeah yeah, I know. There is nothing novel or daring about all of this. Just let me have my moment, ok? I was feeling pretty badass out there.

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