Tuesday, 29 January 2013


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I would hereby like to introduce a new category on the blog.
From time to time I will post my favorite photos from various streetstyle blogs, for inspiration. I'm usually drawn to colourful, summery images but since it's winter I'll try to post warm, cozy outfits for the most part. The world around me is becoming whiter and whiter with snow and I'm in desperate need for some inspiration. This past week I've been living in my warmest sweater and my one pair of boots that actually has profile on the soles to keep me from making not-so-charming tumbles on the slippery roads. Apparantly when I shop, I only buy summerclothing. Does anyone else have that problem? It's terrible. I've got enough clothing to wear a different outfit every day of summer (don't be shocked, summer doesn't last very long out here) and then when winter comes I wear the same clothes all throughout the season. 

But it's never too late to change. Today I solemnly swore to myself I'll start creating a more inspired, versatile winter-wardrobe. And for that, I'll need loads of inspiration since I do not seem capable of dressing warm and chique and original at the same time. But these women make it look so easy..

P.S. I always try to add credits but sometimes I find photos on random tumblr pages that do not mention the source. My apologies to the photographer. If you know who made the above photograph, please do tell! You'll find the comment section down below.

source: streetpeeper

source: jak&jil
source: jak&jil

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