Wednesday, 30 January 2013


My Acne Pistol-inspired black ankle boots are my greatest love but after a blinding love affair of rougly 18 months, it's time to acknowledge their downsides.
Like a perfect Acne saleslady* I always boasted about how the heels were just at the perfect balance between beauty and comfort, the versatility of black ankle boots and how everyone should own a pair. And although I still preach that last part, the heel might not be so perfect after all.

A while back, after a long day of running around in several cities and travelling up and down the country** like a madwoman, I dragged myself into the train home late at night and could not take the acking feeling in my feet any longer. So I took them off, much to the delight of the guy sitting on the other side of the pathway. He sent me a wrathful look but I pretended I didn't see him. At the very next stop, the guy gathered his belongings and hurried off the train, leaving me with the freedom to rub my feet. A win/win situation.

But as I sat there with my eyes closed, feeling the pain slowly leaving my body, I came to think about my boots. When I had put them on that morning I had known I'd be in agony for the latter part of the day, but because I had overslept once again, I didn't have time to think of another outfit. I had not expected it to be this bad, however, and suddenly my boots didn't seem so perfect anymore. I had fallen off my pink cloud.

And so it was decided. I need a pair of black ankle boots, sans the heel. But how do you find the perfect pair? I might not be on my pink cloud anymore, I still dearly love my pistols. Without the heel, ankle boots tend to get a bit clunky and although I'm looking for a basic pair, I still want them to be a bit interesting. Too much to ask? Yes, as it turns out. So here's my dilemma. Do I go for basic yet interesting but also kind of manly (number 1), sporty and comfortable but kinda boring (number 3), lovely but a LOT like flat pistol boots and maybe not exactly interesting either (number 5) or do I neglect to pay my rent for a few months and splurge for the Chlóe Susanna boots, which aren't basic but very interesting and have been melting my heart for many years? Life is though.

I'll get back to you when I've come to a decision.*** In the meantime, which ones would you go for? Feel free to make this decision even more impossible by posting your most beloved ankle boots.

1. Bertie Proudlock via ASOS; 2. H by Hudson Horrigan Black; 3. Classic Chelsea Boots via Topshop; 4.  Bottega Veneta via net-a-porter; 5. Faith Sandy via ASOS; 6. Chloé Susanna via net-a-porter

*honestly, they should hire me
** don't worry, I live in the Netherlands. you can easily travel up and down the entire country in just one day
*** but don't hold your breath. this could take a while

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