Sunday, 17 February 2013


Ahh Marc Jacobs. Once again, he put on a show that was so much more than just a presentation of his collection. His catwalks are always something special, and the played with the lighting was so different from what we're used to that you really have to see it for yourself to understand it. So instead of the usual pile of pictures, below you find video of the show. The shifting camera gets slightly annoying at some point, but to hear Marc's commentary makes it totally worth it.

And with that, we wrap up NYFW. But prepare for many, many more catwalk reviews, because NYFW is only part one of fashion month. So on to London! I love how every city gives it's own vibe to it and eventhough I will miss the New York version of fashion week, I can't wait to see wat LFW will bring. But first, I'll share with you some of the streetstyle snapped during NYFW. Because obviously, there's more to fashion week than just the catwalk shows!


  1. Such an amazing collection. I'd love to wear one of his pieces someday!
    Lily xx

    1. Me too! Who knows, maybe one day we will :)


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