Thursday, 25 April 2013


I'm moving to a new city in August, which means I will get a new place. Which means I get to decorate! I realise it's still four months to go but I can't help secretly planning my future home already. Just a little bit.

The style I've been thinking of is a bit more minimalistic than what you see here, but they've got something in common: plants. I've decided I need plants in my home.I've never owned a plant before and whenever my mother aks me to take care of hers she usually ends up having to do some First Aid for Plants when she gets back because I always completely forget about them. Once, I remembered, and then I was so determined not to let them dry out that I completely drowned them. So yeah, that's how good I am with plants. But after a few years of having a plantless home, I've decided that a plantless home isn't really a complete home. I especially love having little plants in the kitchen, like herbs or chillies. They somehow make the house more lively. And since I won't be living at five minutes from the beach anymore, I know I'll miss nature. So plants it is. I can't wait to see how long (or short) they will last.

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