Sunday, 27 October 2013



Second post in a series called "in my dreams". To my mind, each of the items in this picture is perfection. An LBD that's playful and cute, yet somehow  seems quite timeless (are you sick of that word yet? I'm not!) and sort of classy as well! The weekendbag is exactly what I've always dreamed of (although a suede bag doesn't seem very practical. But then again, none of my objects of desire seem to tick that box) and I can just picture myself standing at the trainstation with it, waiting for a train that'll whisk me away to new and exciting places.. A girl can dream.
Oh and the top? Don't even get me started on that one. If money grew on trees and sold-out items would magically re-appear, that gem would be on its way to my home right now. But then again, a lot of items would be on its way right now. In fact, my home would be overflowing with clothes right now. Money trees being non-existent is probably for the best!

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