Monday, 28 January 2013


I still remember browsing the internet on a lovely lazy sundaymorning last spring, and discovering the world of clutches that look like books. As a bookworm and a little bit of a geek I absolutely loved the idea. My absolute favorites were the embroidered canvas book-clutches carrying famous titles like Dracula or Dr. Zhivago, designed by Olympia Le Tan. Take a peek at her website to see some wonderful examples. When you do, you'll also notice that the prices aren't very budget-friendly so I quickly moved on, forgetting about the whole idea as soon as possible. For almost half a year I managed to pretend that carrying an actual book is way better than carrying a book that's actually a clutch but I can pretend no longer. This supercute video has me convinced that I need not one, but a whole bunch of them, to put in by bookcase and dream up more adventures for the characters.

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