Thursday, 14 February 2013


After a bit more delay due to a stubborn flue it's finally time to take a closer look at some of the fashion shows that are taking place in the big apple this week. First up: forties-fashion meets space invaders at Band 
of Outsiders.

I first learned about this brand about a year ago and I've made sure to check their shows ever since. Their designs are chique but with an edgy, sometimes slightly quirky even, feel to them, and are usually a bit tomboy-ish. A great combination, if you ask me. This year the models showed outfits that were remarkably femine, but not without losing the edge. The starting point for the collection was a mix CD with Billy Holiday that was on infinite repeat in the office, which grew into an interest in the silhouettes of the 1940's and was finished off with a hint of Asteroids. Apparantly Sternberg (the designer) is not just a great desinger, but he has brilliant taste in music as well. If only all the lazy sunday afternoons I spend with Billy's voice would lead to this much awesomeness.

p.s. Do the hats remind anyone else of those hats that some rastafaris wear to bundle up all their dreadlocks? I thought of them immediately when I saw the first look (left) and it stuck to my mind throughout the show, which was kind of weird starting point for interpretation.

p.p.s. How could I forget.. Happy Valentinesday! Did you spoil your loved ones properly? Being a single lady, I just spoiled myself with flowers and prepared a lovely dinner (if I may say so myself) for my family. And while I was gathering the ingredients at the market, I spotted my first ever real life flashmob! So cool. A girl handing out flyers told me they were part of the one billion rising movement, raising awareness for violence against women. I always love it when people come up with creative ideas to get attention for important matters (I also have a bit of a soft spot for movember) and definitely feel this is a matter that needs attending to. Check their website for more information!

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