Friday, 15 February 2013


The Olsen twins kept up the monochrome looks from last season, but have progressed towards more wearable clothes. Since they wear their clothing themselves, they figured out soon that life doesn't consist of dinner parties and business meetings only, so besides some exquisite chique ensembles they showed the classic dress pants plus fishermens knit combination, and more wearable outfits like these. The collection seems simple, but is far from that.
Many of the fabrics were developed by the designers themselves and you can see how the choice of frabric took a centre place in the collection. And even though you can't really see it on these photos, a great deal of attention was paid to the details. Apparantly a lot of the models were wearing a ribbed knit onesie as a bottom layer, providing a luxurious warmth that may compensate for the skin-revealing mules that all the models had on.

I have a hard time imagining myself wearing these clothes even if I could afford them, but that actually makes me look at the show in a different way. The Row always oozes luxury and I love their focus on detailing and fine fabrics. Mary-Kate said "we wanted it to be easy, without it being easy" and that is exactly the sentiment that I deeply appreciate. It takes fashion to a whole new level.

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