Friday, 15 February 2013


If there was an award for best backstory behind a collection, Prabal Gurung would be very likely to win it.
As the story goes, Gurung was doing internet research for this collection when he learned about the Asgarda tribe in the Ukraine. The Asgarda is a female-only tribe that holds up in the Carpathian Mountains and was formed as a reaction to the violence against women (which we talked about yesterday) and sex trafficking that are such a big part of life in Ukraine. Inspired by the Amazons, the Asgarda women are trained in martial arts to build confidence and make them more independent.

Which leads us to the collection of Prabal Gurung. Military influences were all over the designs, with more then half of them being in armygreen and a lot of the outfits were finished off with leather belts or harnesses. The models looked chique but fierce, especially those wearing the over-the-knee buckled boots. I feel this might be one my favorite shows this season, with all the items being pretty wearable, and would be happy to see these items translated into high-street fashion. Although it would take quite some time to form the amazon-like body I'd need to pull of that last dress.

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