Friday, 1 March 2013


I think by now I've conveyed my love for fashion shows to you, but fashion isn't all that makes my world go round. My days are spent in a small city along the coast of the North Sea, miles away from the catwalks in New York, Milan or Paris, and the past few days looked more like this then anything else you've seen on the blog so far.

In the park near my parent's house a bunch of mighty big trees were cut down and chopped in pieces by some city workers and after a bit of a chat with said workers, my dad brought home a cartload  of treetrunks. Pretty cool, I thought, until I was enlisted as assistant-gardener and soon came to realise how much work it takes to go from a driveway full of treetrunks to a neat stack of chopped up pieces. After two full days of pushing the wheelbarrow up and down the garden I can now barely move my arms due to my sore muscles, but looking out the window and seeing all that wood neatly piled up against the wall makes me feel pretty content. I nearly gave my mother a heart attack when I picked up a chainsaw for the first time in my life, but with some tips from my dad I managed to keep it under control and a cut a bunch of the treetrunks in half, which made me feel pretty badass. I also attempted to split the trunks with a mighty big axe (a splitting maul) but since I could barely lift it over my head I deemed it safer to leave that to my father. Apparently I'm not th├ít badass.

The above picture was taken from Herriott Grace, a pretty cool website about someone who really takes working with wood to the next level. I just spent a good half hour dreaming away on their webshop and can't get enough of it. Oh and if you're into moving images, the trailer for their short film looks pretty promising.

Happy Friday!

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